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30 septembre 2012

It's okay

It's okay if we suffer… every now and then.

But to see someone you love suffering is way more disturbing.
It tears you to shreds.. not knowing whether to grieve over their grief, or to grieve for not being capable of helping..
You listen to the pain... but it's not yours, so you cannot shut it up.
You lie on the floor, or you stare at the wall, where your look gets lost but still goes nowhere.
You lie, soul-naked, waiting for some holy light,
Eyes wide awake, but not knowing what is delusional and what is real;

And the alarming clock that you came too late grills you from mild to intolerable.
And its tic tacs eat you alive.


فلان a dit…

Life can be seen as a pair of something, good and evil, joy and sorrow, blacks and whites, smiles and tears, men and women ... and it never stagnates on a single state, it keeps turning over, and over, and over.

Sad days seem unwilling to leave, but they will, no matter what, they will vanish and brighter days will dominate, for a while.

My prayers go to the suffering one, and to the people they love,

everything will be okay, tough Morjena!

مرجانة a dit…

عيشك فلان،، الله المستعان :)

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